Our Mission:

To provide the highest quality and efficiency in the Air Quality, Dehumidification, Maintenance, Pest Control and Restoration needs. We achieve this by giving maximum emphasis to customer satisfaction.

Our Code:

We, the owners, managers and employees of this firm are proud of our profession and of the professionalism we display in the cleaning and restoration we perform;

We are committed to our obligation in providing the best possible service to all our customers;

We believe that all our transactions should be fair and honest; We ledge to steadfastly avoid any false or misleading representation or our products or services;

We value our place in the community and recognize our responsibilities as local business people;

We support the aims and objectives of the Association of Specialists in Cleaning and Restoration and participate in efforts toward advancement of our industry through its programs and services;

We therefore subscribe to this Code of Ethics and will conduct our business affairs accordingly.

Heriberto Figueroa
General Manager
Delta Maintenance Services, Inc.

Our Certifications:

Delta Maintenance Services, Inc. is certified by the Association of Specialists in Cleaning and Restoration, its divisions, and the Puerto Rico Pest Control Association.